Online Database Development

One of the more specialized services provided by Infinity Focus is the design and development of custom coded online database solutions for a variety of applications like:

  • Business Information Management
  • Fleet and Vehicle Management
  • Training and Certification Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Documentation Management
  • Voting and Statistics
  • Invoicing and Statements
  • Data Analysis and Cleansing
  • Stock management and PDF Quotations
  • School Management
  • Bookings and Calendars

An online database gives you a bird’s-eye view of your data.

An online database is an organized collection of data hosted on a dedicated server on the internet. You can access an online database anywhere that you have internet access.

The online databases developed by Infinity Focus are fully platform independent, and can be accessed from desktop PCs running any operating system, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

The system is then used as a centralized information management system that allows multiple users to connect from anywhere at the same time.

Database Services


Some of the Online Database Features: